"Science is Nothing Without Applications and Vice Versa"

There seems to be a huge gap between science and business. Business people do not know much about science and vice versa. Therefore, scientific methods are not utilized in business applications as much as they could be. Especially in the field of computer science numerous well-studied data analysis methods are still waiting to find their way into business applications. At the same time, even larger number of business applications are struggling with data masses and need smart solutions which would give them advantage over competition. What has been missing is a path from science to business via technology. This path is called 'Agile Science'.

Agile Science combines existing pieces of science and technology to achieve measurable benefit. It is about doing things that matter in a way which makes sense. Agile Scientist prefers solution benefit over performance optimality and empirical evidence over theoretical correctness. Understanding the true business need and potential drives selection of solution building blocks and unprofitable development paths shall be rejected. Agile Science leads to pragmatic technical solutions with proven business value - science in a form understood by business people.

Agience obeys Agile Science principles when designing and implementing algorithm architectures boosting your software to match business needs.

Pauli Misikangas