"Every Business Could Use a Few Innovations"

Competition is hard and merciless. To survive and success in business, companies must do something their competitors cannot. Something unique which gives them advantage in the never-ending fight for paying customers. Something that justifies the existence of the company. Companies cry for business innovations.

Your business innovation may be a smart product, sharp technology or a smooth process whatever gains more than takes. The tricky part is to find it due to blindness to opportunities coming outside core expertise. And that's where the brightest innovations come from!

Ideas from a single field of expertise are more or less obvious to every other company on the same field - and therefore hardly innovations at all. Sooner or later, your dear competitor discovers the same opportunity and most of your advantage is lost.

Innovations based on unexpected combination of elements from different expertise areas keeps you ahead in competition much longer. Contact Agience to find them.

Pauli Misikangas