"Smartest Solutions are Invisible"

What do you see in the picture above? "The Earth!", "America!", "Oceans!", "Mountains!" did these words appear to your mind? But do you see the hard work Agience has carried out developing HeatMiner®, the visual data mining technology used to generate the geographic heatmap shown in the picture? Do you see the complexity of the algorithms handling raw (latitude,longitude,elevation) samples in three-dimensional space and calculating colors and shapes forming the visual illusion? Probably not and why should you? Algorithmic solutions are best when invisible to the user!

Agience designs and implements algorithm architectures boosting your business application invisibly on the background. The goal is to integrate algorithmic power so smoothly into the application logic that understanding how those algorithms work and being aware of them becomes irrelevant. Just focus enjoying the results and forget the complexity beneath. Algorithms as they should be. Scientific solutions for real life.