"Technology Makes Innovations True"

Nobody buys technology. Customer pays for stories made true by the technology. Stories explaining how the product makes her rich and famous; Stories promising easier life and brighter future. Thus, technical innovations are always fruits of hard engineering and clever story-telling. No matter how superior technology, without a story there's no business. (If this is your case, call innovation angel immediately!)

Technology stories with a promising start but missing climax can be enhanced with additional elements. Add something not found in competing stories, something which makes your story more fascinating. Just don't fall into any cliché, be brave and follow your own path. Spice your product with a pinch of science!

The Agile Science concept of Agience is all about adding science into ordinary software products while keeping the business clearly in mind. We go deep into your business, discover opportunities and design an algorithm architecture suitable for your application needs. The Algorithms-as-a-Service (AaaS) concept provided by Cloud'N'Sci.fi makes solution integrating fast, easy and cheap.

Pauli Misikangas