"Best Innovations Cross Boundaries"

Transforming a fresh idea into commercial success is a complex process requiring contradictory skills. At the same time, you should be technical and social and understand both science and business. Those who manage to mix these elements into an uniform and well-balanced solution are the strongest candidates to win in competition. Such a mixture is very hard to copy by competitors and that makes it a good and strong innovation.

On the other hand, companies must focus on their core competence and build their business around it. Technology companies should stick with their technology and put all their effort in making it even better. Science-oriented teams should keep their minds on the research because that is what they do best. And so forth. Do not start a battle on foreign territory a better strategy for filling the missing parts of your skill portfolio is co-operating.

Let other companies help you. Let them be part of your innovation. Forget that jealous thought of losing something by sharing the idea. Most likely co-operation will make your innovation bigger, much bigger. You may even notice that starting co-operation was in fact your best innovation ever. Surely a shared and very lively innovation gains you more than one dead idea which never came true (but still 100% yours).

Agience helps you to find the right partners and coordinates co-operation.

Pauli Misikangas