"Reality-driven Research Leads to Scientific Innovations"

Every pragmatic computer scientist silently hopes that some day the results of the long-term research - the remarkable scientific invention published in the most respected journal - would be used in real life. In a real-world application. Maybe even a commercial application, allowing the poor scientist to earn something extra for the work of life.

The biggest obstacle against this dream coming true is the serious communication problem between academic and business worlds. Scientists and businessmen are simply two different species that do not speak the same language. Businessman does not understand the beauty of a scientific solution and doubts whether that's too complicated. Could it be made simpler? So that my customers and software developers would understand it? On the other side of the table, the scientist is horrified on the motives and commercialization plans of the businessman and is almost ready to go back to the research chamber.

Scientific inventions must be projected to a real-world problem understandable by the investors, companies and their customers. Make it look like Reality-driven Research to gain attention and acceptance. Don't mess up their head with the fact that besides this particular problem, the invention solves many others. Keep that as your little secret until the time is right.

Agience helps you in convincing the investors and finding the right partners and surrounding technology. Agience is also ready to coordinate productization.

Pauli Misikangas